Student Privacy in Online Courses

To ensure privacy, students are required to use their Adler assigned email account for official school business.

In the online educational environment, student work is visible to other students. The Moodle site is secure and password protected. AGS online instructors can “open” the course rooms only to specific individuals, with an identified purpose, and for a specific period of time. This purpose may be related to:

  1. course content and delivery (a guest moderator, a visiting scholar);
  2. training (a faculty member in training or for a peer review visit);
  3. technical (technical support); or
  4. administrative (situations requiring administrative support for the course instructor or students). Additionally, if a student discloses crisis, suicidal intent, threat to or by others, AGS reserves the right to take actions necessary to warn and protect. Any disclosure made in such circumstances, and in good faith, will be limited to the above purpose.

If a student has concerns about the visibility of his or her private information, experiences a genuine need for protection, and requires alternative accommodations, the student is encouraged immediately to contact the course instructor, the Director of Assessment and Online Learning or the President.