Overload Policy

Students in good academic standing may request to exceed the maximum number of credits allowable (8 per term) with permission from their Program Chair or advisor. A student may never exceed 10 credits in a term including field experience.

A student wishing to register for more than 8 credits must obtain the Request for Overload form from either their advisor or Program Chair and submit the completed form to the Program Chair or advisor, who will decide to approve or deny the request. The student must have completed one full term of enrollment to establish good academic standing.  A student wishing to overload without a full term of posted grades taken at AGS may not overload.

Approved Request
Students approved to overload must submit the signed request form to the Registrar. Sonis will only allow students to register themselves for 8 credits – to take more than 8 the Registrar’s Office will register the student for the additional credits. If any of the classes overlap, the student will need to take a different course.

Denied Request
If the Program Chair or advisor denies the request, they are responsible for communicating that to the student. It is at the discretion of the Program Chair or advisor to approve or deny a request.  If the chair or advisor believes it is not in the student’s best interest to overload for any reason, the request will be denied.  These requests cannot be appealed. A decision to deny a request is a final decision.