Didactic Instruction

Students in some of the Master of Arts Degree programs are required to complete both an Individual and a Group Didactic experience. The Didactic classes are designed to offer a firsthand experience with the therapeutic process, working directly with a professional role model. Didactic Instructors interact with AGS students only as Didactic Instructors, not as classroom faculty.

Individual Didactic: This required experience provides an opportunity to identify, explore, and modify attitudes or behaviors that might interfere with the ability to function as a competent counselor. Individual Didactic instruction is limited to ten sessions. If the Didactic Instructor and/or student feels there are issues to be addressed that exceed the limits of Didactic instruction, the student may be encouraged or required to arrange for therapy or consultation with an outside therapist.  Following this additional attention, if the student has not completed Individual Didactic Instruction, the student  will return to the original Didactic Instructor to complete remaining sessions.

The student's advisor will determine when students should register for 528 Individual Didactic. You will find biographies for the didactic instructors on the website.  Once you have determined who you would like to work with, register yourself with the instructor during open registration. If you fail to register for 528 during open registration, you will need to wait to register until the next registration period. The Registrar is notified in writing by the Didactic Instructor when the required ten sessions have been completed. At least five sessions of Individual Didactic Instruction must be completed before Group Didactic Instruction (529) can be taken. The experience will appear on transcripts as a pass/fail grade.

The Individual Didactic instructors are:

Jana Goodermont: jana.goodermont@alfredadler.edu

Joe Noble: joe.noble@alfredadler.edu

Leftheris Papageorgiou: leftheris.papageorgiou@alfredadler.edu

Jere Truer: jere.truer@alfredadler.edu

Amy Wold: amy.wold@alfredadler.edu

Group Didactic: This required experience provides an opportunity to increase understanding and skills in the areas of personal, interpersonal and small group communication and to facilitate professional development in a setting in which constructive feedback may be obtained. As members of a Didactic Group, students are expected to participate with openness and candor. The experience will appear on transcripts as a pass/fail grade. Prerequisite: At least five sessions of 528 Individual Didactic Instruction completed.