Course Withdrawal

Withdrawal requests must be submitted in writing by the student to the Registrar before the last day of class. Students are not allowed to withdraw after the last day of class or during SPT. After that time, course requirements must be completed and the appropriate grade will be assigned. If course work is not completed, a grade of “NC” will automatically be assigned.

Withdrawal at any time after a course has begun, through the last day of the course, is recorded on the student’s transcript as a “W”, which carries no credit value in terms of grade point calculations.

Non-attendance of a course does not constitute official withdrawal and, according to AGS’ Tuition Refund Policy, no tuition will be refunded and a grade of NC will be entered on the transcript of a student who neither attends nor formally withdraws from a specific course.

Students receiving financial aid must be aware that withdrawal from a course, may seriously affect one’s current or future financial aid status. We advise students to review their financial plans with the Director of Financial Aid before dropping a course.