Grade Extension Policy

Formerly referred to as “Incomplete/Grade Extension Policy” this policy allows for extended time to complete outstanding coursework when one of the occurrences listed below happens.


Course work must be submitted on the due date set by the instructor and as indicated in the course syllabus.  Occurrences eligible for exception to the established due date are:

  • Military duty
  • The death of a loved one (provide a copy of the obituary as documentation)
  • Required travel by employer
  • Hospitalization requiring a minimum stay of 1 overnight
  • Incarceration
  • Car accident en route to AGS
  • Homelessness
  • Act of nature (severe storm damage)

To receive an extension for course work, the Request for a Grade Extension form and corroborating documentation to support the extension must be submitted to the instructor as soon as possible but no later than the last class meeting. No exceptions will be made. The instructor will grant or deny the extension. If the request is approved, the instructor will set a new assignment due date. Any extensions outstanding beyond the due date will result in a grade of NC or the grade earned for the class factoring in the loss of points for the incomplete work. Extensions cannot exceed 45 days from the last day of class.

The signed Request a Grade Extension form and corroborating documentation are submitted to the Registrar’s Office.  A grade of I/P is entered for the course.

Denied Request

If the instructor denies the request, the student has the option to withdraw from the class. The student must withdraw before the last day of the class. The recorded withdrawal will be processed according to the Refund Policy.