Course Credit Waiver

Credit from courses taken for a prior master’s degree may, in some cases, be waived in. The student possesses the knowledge from having taken the course previously however, the credit for the course has already been applied to an earned degree. Therefore, the course content is waived in.  Credits from a waived course must be replaced with credits taken at Adler. The student is waived from taking the specific course but is still responsible for replacing the equivalent number of credits that have been waived.

Course waivers are granted for those credits which were applied toward another master's degree so the credits are not eligible to transfer in.

Requests for the waiver of course credits earned at another institution must be made prior to the end of the student's first term of enrollment.

Waived credits must be completed from an accredited school’s program, credits must be consistent with AGS curriculum, and credits must be completed with a grade of “B” or better at the institution from which credits were earned.