Continuous Enrollment Policy/Matriculation Requirements

Students at the Adler Graduate School (AGS) are expected to enroll continuously from term to term throughout their academic program.  Program timelines, course sequences, and academic schedules are built for continuous enrollment.  A term is defined as a 3 month semester; a session is defined as one half a term/semester.  There are 2 sessions in every term.  The session consists of 5 weeks and the term consists of 10 weeks. The words “semester” and “term” can be used interchangeably.

Students who wish to not enroll for a term, must notify the Registrar’s Office.  Students who do not enroll in classes and who do not notify the Registrar’s Office will be withdrawn from school and will be required to apply for re-admission to the school. It is permissible to enroll in one session and not the other and retain student status and not face withdrawal.  Enrollment in one session constitutes continuous enrollment.

Any student who has left the school or has not enrolled in a credit-bearing course or official academic activity for one term (3 months) will be contacted and monitored by the Registrar and Program Chair. At the end of the term, a student who has not registered for the subsequent term will be officially withdrawn from AGS and will be required to reapply for admission upon their return.


The student is responsible for notifying the Registrar and/or the Program Chair of their desire to stop-out for a term.

During this time, the Registrar and Program Chair will continue communication with the student to ensure registration for the subsequent term.

If the student fails to return and is withdrawn, it is the student’s responsibility to understand the “7 Year Rule” and the process for Re-Admission.


The student notifies the Registrar in writing of their desire to stop out for a term.  The request must be in writing – email is permissible.  Requests made to parties other than directly to the Registrar will not be granted. If the student fails to return after 1 term, the Registrar will withdraw the student from the school and will notify all interested parties of the withdrawal.