Calculating a GPA

To calculate a grade point average (GPA), take the grade point value of the letter grade assigned for a course (see grade point values below), and multiply by the number of credits earned for that course. This is the grade point earned for that course. To determine the cumulative grade point average, sum all the grade point values earned to date (this is the Grade Point Total), and divide that sum by the total number of credits earned to date. This is the Grade Point Average.

For example:

Course # Grade Cr. Earned Grade Points Earned
511 A 3 A=4 x 3 Cr. =  12
513 B 3 B=3 x 3 Cr. =    9
521.1 A 1 A=4 x 1 Cr. =    4
7 (Credit Total) (Grade Point Total) 25
25 divided by 7 = 3.57 (Grade Point Average)