Academic Probation

If the student does not meet either the GPA and/or credit completion requirements, the student will receive a written notice of academic probation from the Registrar. This is intended to notify the student of the minimum academic requirements necessary to remain in good academic standing. The student is given the next full term of enrollment to achieve the minimum academic requirements. Based on the student’s performance, the following may happen:

  1. The student achieves the minimum standards at the end of the term and is released from academic probation status or continues to be monitored if more than 1 term of probation is necessary to achieve the minimum standards.
  2. Student fails to achieve the minimum GPA and/or credit completion but is given the opportunity to appeal.


Student must submit an appeal in writing to the Registrar who will convene the Appeals Committee for SAP and Academic Progress. The following must be included in the appeal:

  1. The reason for not meeting the minimum academic requirements.
  2. What has changed about your circumstance that will enable you to achieve the minimum standards.
  3. Third party documentation corroborating the issue for appeal.

Appeal Outcome

  1. Appeal is approved: Student continues on in probation status for the next term of enrollment. If the minimum academic requirements are met the student is no longer on probation but will continue to be monitored. Or alternatively the appeal is approved with conditions which are recommendations made by the Appeal Committee that must be followed in the subsequent term of enrollment. Failure to follow through with the recommendations will result in dismissal.
  2. Appeal is denied: Student is dismissed from AGS with no opportunity to appeal or reapply for admission.


Dismissal occurs when a student can no longer mathematically achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.0. A dismissal is a final decision and cannot be appealed.