989 Individual Clinical Instruction - COD

This course is the final course in the sequence of experientially based courses that focuses on skill, professional, and personal development. This course provides students with one-to-one case review and instruction by a Clinical Instructor, to discuss the application of Adlerian and general therapeutic competencies. The Clinical Instructor either observes a student and the client or observes/listens to and critiques videotapes or audio tapes of counseling sessions. One client (individual, couple, family, or group) is seen over a period of time with instruction occurring after or between sessions. The student selects a Clinical Instructor from a list of approved instructors, and will work with this instructor on developing clinical counseling skills. Focus will be on Adlerian approaches, integration of chemical and mental health counseling skills, multicultural counseling skills, professional and ethical responsibilities, counselor self-care, and the 12 core functions. The student must have appropriate site supervision for the duration of course 989, with hours of client contact and any other hours of work performed by a student properly logged and signed for by a site supervisor. A 989 Clinical Instructor cannot be considered a supervisor.