Student Grievance Procedure

Grievance Procedure Regarding a Student, Faculty or Staff

Situations can arise in any organization when individuals have problems or complaints.  AGS believes that the most respectful way to resolve these situations is through open and candid discussion between the persons involved.  If such discussion does not resolve one’s concerns, however, the Adler Graduate School does provide other strategies for resolution.

Individuals with a grievance who wish to exercise their rights of due process should observe the following procedures:

  1. Discuss the matter directly with the student, faculty member or staff member concerned.
  2. If a satisfactory resolution is not achieved, discuss the matter with the appropriate administrator, VP for Academic Affairs or VP for Finance and Administration, or President.  This individual will attempt to facilitate an informal resolution.
  3. If satisfactory resolution is still not reached, a written statement describing the grievance should be submitted to the Academic Vice President (or to the President if circumstances warrant).  After deliberate consideration, the Academic Vice President (or President, if appropriate) will render a written decision concerning the grievance.
  4. If either party is not satisfied with the decision of the Academic Vice President (or President), a written request to establish an ad hoc grievance committee to hear the grievance should be submitted to the office of the President within 15 days of the Academic Vice President’s or President’s written decision.  The person with the complaint may select either the *President or Academic Vice President as chairperson for the ad hoc grievance committee.  The ad hoc grievance committee will consist of the committee chairperson, one faculty member (chosen by faculty), one staff member (chosen by staff), one alumnus (chosen by alumni), and two additional committee members (one chosen by each party involved).

In all instances, the goal of the School is to seek solutions, not to place blame. The ad hoc grievance committee will determine its own procedures in hearing the grievance.  A majority vote of the committee will be necessary to render a verdict on the grievance.  The decision of the ad hoc grievance committee will be final.

*If the President is involved in a grievance, a Board member (or her/his designee) will serve in place of the President as a possible mediator, and in place of the President on the ad hoc Grievance Committee, if one is established.